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Coming Fall 2017!

Health Sciences Center Community Open House, Saturday, October 7, 1-4 p.m., Free and Open to the Public

Health Sciences Center Building Renderig

The NEW HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER has been designed to ensure state-of-the art education opportunities for students pursuing careers in healthcare—and for the benefit of the community. In addition to classroom and faculty office space, the new facility will include:

  • State-of-the-art simulation areas
  • A home-care lab
  • Expanded patient care facilities
  • Convenient first floor patient access
  • A  convening space to host large group college and community events
  • Flexible space to accommodate future needs

Construction Status

Health Sciences Center Construction Progress

Construction News

The walls are up inside the building, and finer details are being worked on:

  • Installation of finished flooring (i.e. sheet goods, carpeting and granite tiles are underway.
  • Ceiling installation (all floors) approximately 75% complete.
  • Dental spaces are being prepped for final trim and paint. The installation of dental equipment is forthcoming.
  • Site work (final grading, curb, asphalt and pavers) is underway.
Front of the Building

Front of the Building

Dental Area

Dental Health Clinic

Granite Floor

Granite Flooring

Steel Beams going up on a Building

The steel beams of the new addition going up in November are visible signs of the new building.

Interior Building Renovation

Work to renovate the interior of the existing Building 14 takes place in tandem with construction of the addition.

Walkway Demolition

In July, the demolition of a portion of the walkway to Building 14 makes room for construction of the addition that will create the new Health Sciences Center.

The walkways that connect Building 14 to Parking Lot A and Building 11 closed Friday, May 27, 2016 and will remain closed until the construction of the new Health Sciences Center is completed in August, 2017. The west walkway connecting Parking Lot A to Buildings 3 and 4 remains open. See the map below for alternate routes.

For those requiring accessible parking, additional spaces have been made available near the entrance to the west walkway. Click here for additional information regarding accessible parking. Email with questions regarding parking.

walkway closing map

During construction work on Tuesday, April 12, a water main was hit and ruptured.  As a result, water—including restrooms—will be unavailable until approximately 5:00 p.m. EDT in the following facilities: Buildings 13, 14, 17, 24; Parking Garage Lot A. Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience. For questions, please contact Facilities Planning and Construction at extension 3048.

Beginning this week, the brick pathway—called the Pathway to Learning—across Fourth Street from Buildings 10 and 11 (and north of Buildings 14 and 17) will be closed temporarily due to the preparation work that is currently underway for construction of the new Health Sciences Center. Please follow one of the alternative sidewalk routes indicated on the maps near the closure site. The temporary closure is expected to last only a few weeks. 

As the region’s largest producer of healthcare professionals, Sinclair continues to expand the capacity and quality of its Health Sciences programs to meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry.  You may have seen, for example, yesterday’s front page article in the Dayton Daily News, “Most Wanted: Nurses and Truck Drivers,” which describes the need for nurses and many other healthcare professionals in our region.

Now, thanks to generous community support, Sinclair is expanding Building 14 to provide the latest in curriculum, space, and technology for our Health Sciences programs. This project is an exciting new addition to our Dayton campus and is the first major construction on campus since Buildings 14 and 20 were dedicated over 15 years ago. It is on a fast track, scheduled to be open for classes in time for the 2017 Fall Term, in time to help Sinclair celebrate its 130th anniversary!

With construction, of course, comes change. The preparatory phase includes the closing of Parking Lot LL (at the corner of Perry and 4th Streets) beginning March 7, 2016, as well as preliminary site work to reroute sewer and fiber optic lines. In the next week, during Spring Break, you’ll start to see this preliminary activity on the grounds north of Building 14.

Bigger changes are to come, with the temporary closures of Building 14 and the pedestrian walkways occurring later this Spring. Soon, you’ll see posters and other communication along the walkway, notifying the campus of the impending temporary closures. In addition, look for notifications about information sessions, a website that will include up-to-date construction information, and other events to celebrate this exciting development. Dana Cunningham, Internal Communications Coordinator, will be your primary point of contact ( or 937-512-4282).


Find Your Way

No classes will be held in Building 14 after May 6, 2016. Students are asked to check your course schedule for classroom locations. New locations for affected college offices are listed below. Check out Sinclair's visitor website for more information about getting around campus.

Service New Location
A+ Certification Lab Building 5, Room 041
CISCO Lab Building 5, Room 043
Microsoft Lab Building 5, Room 123
E-Learning Building 7, Second Floor and Room 210
Nursing PC Lab Building 6, Room 242
Open MAC Computer Lab Library
Center for Teaching & Learning Library, Room L02
Service Learning Library, Room L02

During construction, the Learning Technology Support (LTS) department will be located in both Buildings 7 and 14:

  • The LTS Media Production facility will remain in its current location, Building 14, Room 023. Access to this location will be limited; contact Greg Deye at (937) 512-3258 or to set up an appointment in the office.
  • LTS eLearn support, learning technology loans, and the LTS faculty lab will be located on the 2nd floor of Building 7. Faculty may contact Learning Technology Support at (937) 512-4526 for questions or to set up an appointment to meet. You may also still contact the eLearn Faculty Support line at (937) 512-2016.

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