College Credit Plus

The “early-to-college” idea of providing high school students with opportunities to earn college credit has become a national movement. "Early-to-college" improves college attainment rates, provides greater college access to students of all socioeconomic groups and paves the way for students to enter into careers faster. For the state of Ohio, the movement is now law (HB487), as signed by Governor John Kasich on June 16, 2014. The College Credit Plus (CCP) initiative replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and all alternative dual enrollment programs previously governed by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3365. It is set to be operational for the 2015/16 school year and seeks to respond to the governor’s higher education goals.

Governor John Kasich's Higher Education Goals:
  • Increase participation rates in higher education
  • Improve graduation rates and the time to graduation
  • Improve affordability

Factors Driving Early-to-College – The National Conversation

High school students complete college credit courses at a much higher rate than regular college students (> 90% for high school students vs 70% for college students on a college campus)

The broad goals of College Credit Plus are to:

  1. Achieve a smarter, more educated nation
  2. Increase higher education for high school students (especially for underprivileged and underrepresented students)
  3. Be more efficient
    1. Reduce the overall cost of earning a college degree
    2. Use publicly-funded school and college resources more efficiently

With College Credit Plus, Sinclair will:

  1. Help many, many more students from low college-going communities attend— and succeed— in college
  2. Be a leader in this national movement
  3. Enable high school students to become familiar with Sinclair so they have first-hand experience when deciding upon additional education post-high school
In 2014, the Sinclair Division of School and Community Partnerships managed 20 initiatives across 50 school districts and directly provided service to more than 6,000 school children.

Sinclair Enrollment Options for College Credit Plus

At Sinclair, students have the following options for taking classes to earn both high school and college credit:

  • At a high school taught by a high school teacher (adjunct)
  • At a high school taught by a Sinclair instructor
  • At a Sinclair location taught by a Sinclair instructor
  • Online, taught by a Sinclair instructor and typically proctored by a high school teacher

To learn more about Ohio’s College Credit Plus initiative, visit the Ohio Higher Education website.


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