Building 10 Renovation Project

This website is designed to provide informational updates on the Building 10: Integrated Student Services project. Check back regularly for updates on temporary office relocations, construction progress and other information pertinent to the project.  

Location Changes & Construction Updates

Access will be available during construction to the Building 10, 3rd floor walkway to allow passage through Building 2 to Building 11. Offices, services, and spaces in Building 10 will be relocated during the construction. Relocated locations will be posted here soon.


Map of Construction Area around Building 10

Purpose of the Student Services Center Redesign (G4)

  • Simplify access to the College
    • Identifiable front door
  • Get students off to a good start
    • Integrate and co-locate delivery of student services to ease entry and support completion
    • Improve training and staffing for consistent, high quality student experience
  • Create strong first impression of the College
    • Look and feel of a world-class collegiate environment

Project Overview

  • Dayton Campus Master Plan: Phase 2
  • $13 million dollar investment
    • $2.5 million from State of Ohio capital
    • $10.5 million from Sinclair Allocated Reserve Fund

Project Timeline

timeline of G4 project: Develop Building Design May 2017 through February 2018, Move Planning September 2017 through December 2017, Move out and Bid/reviewing January 2018 through March 2018, Construction April 2018 through March 2019, Move in April 2019 through June 2019

Project Videos

Temporary Space Considerations

  • Co-location of key enrollment and student services
  • Begin the transition to integrated services, cross-training and front-facing staffing changes
  • Machine Shop to Eaker Street
  • Theater Scene Shop to Building 17
  • Building 11 operations remain with some adjustments in Academic Advising
    • Veteran’s Services remains

Temporary Locations

  • Enrollment functions move to 3rd floor of Building 12
    • Financial Aid
    • Registration and Records
    • Enrollment Center/ Orientation
    • Assessment (Placement Testing)
    • Sinclair Central
  • Student affairs and testing to 3rd floor of Building 4
    • Accessibility Services
    • Counseling
    • Student Support Services
    • Campus Ministry
    • Ombudsman/ Conduct/ Student Affairs
    • Academic Testing
  • International Education to Green Room in Building 2
  • Honors and PTK to Building 8025

Floor plan layout of Building 11, third floor space moved department locations

Floor plan layout of Building 12, third floor space moved department locations

Floor plan layout of Building 4, third floor space moved department locations


  • Will the Main Street Café remain open?
    • No, The café will close in March
  • Will we be able to get through Building 10 during the renovation?
    • Yes, a tunnel will be constructed through the 3rd floor of Building 10 to allow passage between Building 11 and Buildings 1&2.
  • How long will this project take for completion?
    • 13 months

Communication Plan

How will staff and faculty be informed?

  • •Project Website - regular updates
  • The BUZZ
  • Social Media – weekly updates
  • CAST NET slides
  • Email blasts
  • Signage

How will students be informed?

  • Social Media – weekly updates
  • Signage - in all thoroughfares
  • CAST NET media
  • Tunnel posters
  • Email blasts
  • Clarion
  • Student Portal
  • Project Website

Other Projects Happening with the New Center

IT Projects

  • One view portal for student records
  • Enhancements in electronic queuing
  • Digital wayfinding and beacon technology

Staffing Model

  • Staffing model study based on student traffic
  • Cross-training and evaluation
  • New roles with cross-department functionality
  • Operations policy and procedure redesign

NEW Integrated Student Service Flow

Building Floor Map Showing where Enrollment Steps are currently located across Building 10 and 11 Building Floor Map Showing where Enrollment Steps will be moved to. Front Door of building 10 will then flow through 3 zones. Zone A will be the welcome desk and holistic triage. Zone B will be professional support for all steps of enrollment. Zone C will be in-depth support and special populations. Graphic showing the current enrollment experience versus the new desired experience, which focuses on reducing the amount of walking to different steps and different locations/departments are needed to complete the enrollment process.

Renderings of Building 10 Renovation

rendering of final renovation after construction







Integrated Student Services Focus

Sinclair has a long tradition of innovation and commitment to continuous improvement. Each generation of student services has improved and created a better student experience by building on the lessons learned from the previous generation.

Transactional to Transformative: G1 Original Legacy Services, G2 Specialized Dispersed Silos, G3 One Stop Centers, G4 Integrated High-touch High-tech Wrap-around Services. Completion-focused, innovative and student-centered.

Generation 4 is the next stage in the evolution of student services. G4 will more intentionally address the academic, financial, personal, and career needs of our students. This comprehensive approach will lead to increased student success and completion.

The Student Experience

Generation 4 is a more responsive student services system that will deliver a superior student experience. This new generation is built on a personal approach that focuses on providing consistent high quality service from cross-trained staff who use state of the art technology. Shorter wait times, fewer hassles, and more timely communication will lead to more satisfied and motivated students.

Current Experience

Expected Experience

Support Locations

All students must go to disparate locations for:

  • Enrollment
  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Aid
  • Orientation
  • Registration & Student Records

All students go to one easily identifiable location for all needs including:

  • Enrollment
  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Aid
  • Orientation
  • Registration & Student Records
Availability of Services

Students may not receive a full and complete level of service as current staff have limited training and exposure to other enrollment related departments.


Students’ issues resolved quickly as staff is cross trained in areas of Financial Aid, Registration & Student Records, Orientation and Enrollment to provide holistic support.

Additional Support

Students must go to a different location for any needs beyond the scope of initial department.


Students with issues requiring intensive support would have access to on site specialists (i.e. Financial Aid Officers on-site).

Customer Service

Students receive varying levels of customer service.


Students receive a consistent standard of high quality customer service with cross-trained staff.

Student Entry & Retention

Students are more likely to “give up” if they do not have access to someone who can assist them.


Students are more likely to follow through when they have personal support in completing all enrollment process steps.

Individualized Wait Times

Students have a standard “wait” experience and are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis, regardless of individual needs.


Student needs “triaged” at first point of connection to minimize wait times.