Building 10 Renovation Project

This website is designed to provide informational updates on the Building 10: Integrated Student Services project. Check back regularly for updates on construction progress and other information pertinent to the project.

Opening June 2019!


Sinclair has a long tradition of innovation and commitment to continuous improvement. Each generation of student services has improved and created a better student experience by building on the lessons learned from the previous generation.

What will open in June 2019 is the next stage in the evolution of student services.

The new Student Services Center is a more responsive system, built on a personal approach that focuses on providing consistent high quality service from cross-trained staff who use state of the art technology.

Shorter wait times, fewer hassles, and more timely communication will lead to more satisfied and motivated students.

Building 10 Detour

Offices, services, and spaces in Building 10 have been relocated for the duration of construction. Access through Building 10 is available on the 4th floor.

You can check the directory or campus offices page for the latest updates on office locations.


Introducing the Center: Your connection to Get Started! Testing, advising, financial aid, register for classes. Your connection to Services! Accessibility, counseling, academic coaching, multi-fath ministries. Your connection to Community! Meeting space, study space, presentation areas, arts and culture. Your connection the College Life! Cafe, study areas, meeting presentation space, state-of-the-art connectivity. Opening June 2019
Building 10 Renovation New Locations are as follows: In Building 4, 3rd Floor are Academic Testing, Accessibility & Counseling Services, Multifaith Campus Ministry, Student Affairs, Student Support Services, Taylor Scholars. At Building 11, 3rd Floor Sign In get help with Academic Advising, Bursar/College Cashier, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Placement Testing, Registration & Student Records. Other moved offices are International Education building 2, room 2334, PT/Honors building 8, room 8025, Student Self-Service building 12, 3rd floor, College for Lifelong Learning building 13, 2nd floor, Pre-College Programs building 19. Stop by the New Grab & Go for a quick snack! Located on the 3rd floor ramp between buildings 10 and 2. Also open, Tartan Marketplace, building 7 and the Snack Shoppe, building 13.

New Student Service Flow

Prior to the renovation, students could expect to walk 1500 or more steps to enroll, meeting with 10 staff in multiple offices over three floors of Building 10. In the new experience, students will walk approximately 300 steps total, meet with 2-3 staff in only one or two locations.

Building Floor Map Showing where Enrollment Steps are currently located across Building 10 and 11 Building Floor Map Showing where Enrollment Steps will be moved to. Front Door of building 10 will then flow through 3 zones. Zone A will be the welcome desk and holistic triage. Zone B will be professional support for all steps of enrollment. Zone C will be in-depth support and special populations.

Renderings of New Center

Front Door of Sinclair

Guests will have a clear walkway to the new front door of Sinclair from the main parking garage.

rendering of final renovation after construction

First Floor Entrance

Visitors will receive a warm welcome to Sinclair and a personalized guest, prospective and current student experience!


Station & Enrollment Specialist Support

Brief sign-in and support of guest, prospective and current student needs.


First Floor Seating & Cafe Space

The seating space features a fireplace and cafe for welcoming guest experience.


View of Entry from Mezzanine

The second floor will house Vice President for Student Development, Bursar and Registration & Student Records back office.


Staircase to Student Expo Level

The Staircase and Media Wall will be key features for the New Student Experience.


Student Expo Level

The Student Expo level will house the New Student Campus Visit Experience. Recruitment & Outreach, University Partners, Placement Testing, Orientation, FAFSA Workshops and Bursar Service Window.


View from Third Floor

The Third Floor will house Financial Aid & Scholarships and Academic Advising. A centralized Sign-in and support of guest, prospective and current student needs is consistent with the service provided at the First Floor Sign-in area.


Other Projects Happening with the New Center

In conjunction with the physical renovation of Sinclair facilities, a number of related projects are underway to ensure the success of an improved student experience.

IT Projects

  • One view portal for student records
  • Enhancements in electronic queuing
  • Digital wayfinding and beacon technology

Staffing Model

  • Staffing model study based on student traffic
  • Cross-training and evaluation
  • New roles with cross-department functionality
  • Operations policy and procedure redesign

Project Timeline

timeline of G4 project: Develop Building Design May 2017 through February 2018, Move Planning September 2017 through December 2017, Move out and Bid/reviewing January 2018 through March 2018, Construction April 2018 through March 2019, Move in April 2019 through June 2019